Fran Hawthorne

About my debut novel

(Stephen F. Austin State University Press)


A Jewish soccer mom in New Jersey, whose own mother has never talked about how she survived the Holocaust in Poland, becomes obsessed with the Polish-Catholic family of her son's best friend. Even as her single-minded research into both families’ stories jeopardizes her already shaky relationships with her mother, her husband, and her children, it pushes her to confront the existential questions of American Jews – indeed, of any group that has faced historical persecution:

How many generations does guilt carry on? What did your grandparents do to my grandparents? More...

About the Author

Until now, I’ve spent three-plus decades writing award-winning nonfiction, including eight books, mainly about consumer activism and business social responsibility.

But I started writing fiction when I was four years old, and now I’ve begun to achieve my lifelong dream with THE HEIRS – my first published novel.  More...

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